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A Walk in the Park

Life Network/Walk for Life

Life Network is a nonprofit organization that offers choices that value every life. Each year, the Colorado Springs community is host to their Walk for Life fundraising and awareness event, which welcomes people of all ages to get involved in making a difference for women and their babies.

Rallying to the Cause

With a goal to raise $350,000 and engage 1,500 walkers, Life Network sought a brand partner who could create a new, fresh look for the Walk for Life identity. They wanted to capture the fun and purpose in a way that engaged sponsors and encouraged participants to join the walk. In the words of the client, “The Walk for Life identity is not simply an event rallying standard, it is equally important to reinforce the relationship of the event with Life Network.”

I feel the new mark is so much more reflective of who we are and our print materials are so lively and fun.

Crafting an Identity

Our team was tasked with communicating a fun, light-hearted event that was family-friendly and motivating, without drawing connection to a march or negative connotations. From sketch to digital refinement, our identity process included: exploring custom typography, identifying a related color palette and reinforcing family appeal.

Marking the Calendar

Working with the Walk for Life event team, we crafted an identity that had elements of whimsy, action-oriented lettering and a matching color palette to the parent brand. This brand mark calls families to jump up, join the action and have a great time.