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Space to Make Something New


With 70 years of experience under their wings, the Missions Systems team from the global aerospace, defense and information company Exelis set their eyes on a new mission — an independent, publicly traded and global service company called Vectrus.

Getting into Position

The Vectrus team knew what they wanted: to use Information Technology, Network Communication, Facility and Logistics services to help customers be true to their mission. But they were now a new company on their own. Their challenge was how to design and launch a bold brand identity that positioned the brand for long-term success and expansion around the globe.

Empowering a Global Team

Together, we designed the Vectrus visual identity to reinforce their brand dimensions — primarily, a swift, forward movement and precision. With collaboration and training, the visual identity and complementary identity system empowered the entire global team to deliver a consistent brand experience.

Launching the Next Chapter

Our objective was to build a brand platform and strategically driven corporate identity system that built upon their long-standing heritage, while boldly launching a new chapter. The process included: rebranding corporate assets (identity, web, collateral, brand video), brand standards development, brand launch strategy and roll-in seminars. As a global company with an aeronautic past, it was clear to the Vectrus team how critical each part of the process was in establishing a consistent brand delivery across touchpoints and cultures.

We’re really excited and happy…we have something that we can own that differentiates us in a very crowded and competitive space.