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First Through the Door

PulteGroup/Centex Homes

PulteGroup has provided the American Dream of homeownership to families for over 60 years. As the industry’s sole multi-brand homebuilding company, they have a reach that serves homebuyers across all phases of life, and now operates in approximately 50 markets in the United States.

Stepping Inside

The 2008 housing crisis led to a PulteGroup and Centex merger — which prompted a closer look at the combined family of brands. PulteGroup needed to distinguish the offerings and position of each homebuilding line. They sought to create: clear consumer distinction, more consumer traffic with lower marketing cost, better ROI and differentiated product design to meet the unique vision of the consumer. Centex, as the most recent addition, was their first step in positioning.

The more you understand where your audience is headed, the better chance you have of reaching their hearts and minds.

Constructing the Ideal

We partnered with the marketing and analytics team to gain a better understanding of the Centex homebuyer and then project homebuyer needs, desires and behaviors over the next five years. Our research included profiling nearly 5,000 existing homebuyers, appending demographics, and values and behavioral data to understand home-buying influences. Trend data layered into the customer profiles amplified key themes and behaviors for understanding where the future Centex customer was headed, which identified the New Suburban Family.

Leading a New Market

Centex is now the leading brand for first-time homebuyers — bringing the pride of homeownership within reach to value-conscious buyers. Through collaboration, research and understanding, we helped PulteGroup redefine the emerging firsttime homebuyer and take a first step through the door with Centex.