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Bound Together by Vision

Moody Global Ministries

Moody Bible Institute was founded with a vision — preparing students with the combination of biblical knowledge and practical training. Since 1886, D.L. Moody’s heart for service and teaching has grown from one ministry into many across cultures, generations, and the globe.

Expanding Education

Moody Bible Institute, Moody Radio and Moody Publishers all shared the same name, but were not seen as the same brand family. Moody was more than just education, radio and books separately. The leadership knew the potential of the name and wanted to unify each sub-brand ministry under one corporate entity that encapsulated higher education and media content.

Unifying Sub-brands

We sought to create a unified corporate brand that would capture each of Moody’s sub-brands. This new direction required a universal brand platform with perceptions, a brand architecture and corporate/consumer identity systems to gain consistency and flexibility. The overall process included: corporate brand roll-in, identity system, and repositioned website look-and-feel, business systems and standards manuals.

Providing Common Ground

Moody Global Ministries was shaped from a shared vision that allowed internal stakeholders to provide a richer, connected and more fulfilling experience for constituents. The identity system created strong visual consistency, while promoting a flexible, personalized look-and-feel for each sub-brand.

The unified Moody Global brand enabled constituents of single offerings to be exposed to the broader spectrum of how the brand could serve them.