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Time for a Health Check

Jacobus Consulting

Jacobus Consulting has grown and adapted to the ever-changing healthcare landscape for the past 15 years. They commit to meaningful solutions and innovative technology within healthcare consulting by optimizing systems, retooling processes and improving efficiency all while focusing on people first.

Making a Change

As the healthcare industry continued to change, Jacobus recognized a distinct opportunity. With a proactive approach toward positioning, they could establish market share in the crowded revenue cycle services marketplace and commoditized healthcare technology.

Jacobus claimed a distinct position in a crowded and commoditized industry.

Building Brand Strength

Our objective was to build a brand strategy and refresh the identity system to attract talent, build perceived marketplace value and drive growth. With a focus on the unique culture and heart of the CEO, our process would include a rebrand of corporate assets (identity, web, collateral) and a brand roll-in to equip leadership and consulting teams to deliver on all brand touchpoints.

Thinking Long-Term

Jacobus was able to not only establish a unique position in a commoditized industry, but also to empower the entire organization to deliver a consistent brand experience. Our refined brand identity captured brand equity, while paving the path forward for future growth and sustainability.