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A Long-Term Focus

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is a Christian, conservative nonprofit organization that was founded in 1977 to help families thrive by providing marriage resources and counseling. With 13 associate offices around the world and radio broadcasts in 120 countries, Focus on the Family reaches nearly 40 million people.

Growing Enthusiastically

Focus on the Family is renowned for creating a wide variety of resources, programs and events to help all ages and life stages through many different life challenges. Over the years, the organization has generated a family of well-known brands that have become both a great benefit and a challenge — specifically, when managing an ever-growing portfolio of brands.

Their expertise not only helps you clarify and live out the promise you want to make as a brand, but they also help make your brand come to life through vibrant, polished creative.

Defining Family Roles

Our goal was to institute a structure and decision protocol that would ensure all touchpoints in the Focus experience would be aligned and governed to build and protect brand equity. It was important to provide a discipline around message consistency, reinforcement of brand attributes, rational growth of the brand portfolio and a model for brand behavior.

Acclimating to Change

We have worked in close collaboration with Focus on the Family for nearly a decade to balance the value of disciplined brand governance with the need to be creative in reaching its evolving constituency. With persistence, dedication and a commitment to the details, our long-term management of brand equity helps protect the core brand principles of Focus on the Family, while allowing the brand to acclimate to change.