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A Brand Worth Believing

Encompass World Partners

For more than a century, Encompass World Partners (formerly Grace Brethren International Missions) has been serving indigenous peoples around the world — meeting their needs through church planting, leadership training, crisis response and Bible schools.

Branding Their Beliefs

After five continents, 34 countries, 1,100 churches and 600,000 attendees, it was time for a health check. With hundreds of organizations vying to attract aspiring global missionaries, relevancy was a necessity and clarity was the solution. Encompass knew there was an opportunity to better articulate their core beliefs through a relevant and meaningful rebranding initiative.

Capturing spirit

Through close collaboration with the Encompass team, we created a truly unique brand. The brand and identity system captures their long history of spirit, adventure and journey of missions work, while providing new energy and clarity to their future endeavors.

Connecting Strategy To Expression

We sought to develop a common understanding of the brand within the organization and among potential missionaries so that what Encompass stood for would be clear. The task was to: 1 define vision, mission, values, culture, value proposition, key attributes and a brand promise; 2 develop a brand expression [name, slogan, brand identity system and application]; and 3 train internal staff to ensure everyone understands and reinforces the brand with their individual behavior.

Although our name is changing, we’re staying true to the core principles upon which we were founded.