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Top 5 April Fool’s Day Brand Pranks

Our favorite brand jokes from the past several years

Managing a brand is a big responsibility, but it doesn’t mean a brand can’t mess around. A good sense of humor can up a brand’s relatability. In honor of the most foolish day of the year, we’ve put together our all-time favorite April Fool’s Day Brand Pranks.

Quilted Northern Rustic Weave

We’ll take a couple cords of the extra-virgin birch, please (not really, though). Great attention to design, overt product placement, a jab at the artisan craft market — Quilted Northern’s prank has it all.

McDonald’s Micro Mac

McDonald’s used impressive realism to pull off this prank. Not to mention the styling, content writing, and voiceover that’s true to the brand. Slick.

Cheetos Spray Tan

Who said orange dust was a bad thing? Everyone, we would imagine. Cheetos celebrates this potentially negative product experience in such a way that it almost becomes desirable.

Google Cardboard Plastic

Change with intention and a well-thought-out plan, that’s our perspective. Google’s “knock” on innovation for innovation’s sake hits it right on the head.

Jameson’s Last Glass

What is there to say about Jameson’s commercial: intoxicating, crafty, historic, humorous. When a brand can share its heritage, and get laughs at the same time, count it as a win.

Honorable Mention — IKEA bookbook™

While not technically a prank, the satirical approach to IKEA’s catalog made it prank-worthy in our book. There’s something so timeless about the concept, even Apple would agree …