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Divergent thinking is left brain, right solution.

Strategy + Imagination

We are guided by a clear understanding of why change needs to happen. Every change is with intention and comes with a well-thought-out plan, not out of a rebellious nature. When brands need to make a change, we want it to last.

Divergent thinking does more than create ripples, it shifts the tide — breaking boundaries with strategy and imagination. It takes both to build a plan with longevity that can guide an organization in the long term and creatively solve challenges that the future will hold.

Brand Character

Every interaction your audience has with your brand shapes perception. The personality, voice and experience of a brand influence the chances of a positive psychological response. We develop a strategy using these brand attributes along with verbal, visual and dynamic sensory cues. Together, the basis for modeling and expressing brand behavior is built – it’s the character to which people can relate.

Our Approach

Brands are dynamic, ever-changing and alive. Branding should be an organizational lifestyle, so we take a holistic approach we call BrandLife™ to ensure that everything within the brand experience fits, whether internal or external. Employee training, marketing communication, advertising, PR, products, retail environments, and other services — all of it must work in unison. Our commitment is for the life of the brand.

Strategy | Defining what the brand stands for

  • Brand practice audit
  • Marketing communication audit
  • Competitive audit
  • Message mapping
  • Qualitative/quantitative research
  • Internal + external interviews
  • Trending research analysis
  • Sensory perceptions research
  • Business + strategy plan analysis
Experience Mapping
  • Touchpoint mapping
  • Gap analysis
Foundational Strategy
  • Vision, mission, values, culture definition
  • Brand positioning
  • Value proposition + brand promise
  • Brand attributes
Sensory Positioning
  • Visual and verbal cues
Brand Consulting
  • Brand principles interpretation
  • Strategy advisement
  • Adaptation

Expression | Designing the brand character

Brand Architecture
  • Portfolio strategy and structure
  • Linkage strategy and system design
  • Naming and nomenclature system
Brand Identity
  • Brand marks design
  • System elements (color, typography, elements)
  • System application design
Brand Standards
  • Branding systems principles
  • Identity principles of application
  • Identity specifications
  • Standards development
Brand Roll-in
  • Brand training
  • Standards training
  • Standards application consulting
  • Standards governance
  • Partner training

Experience | Engaging the brand audience

Brand Awareness
  • Brand awareness strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Multi-channel integration
Marketing Communications
  • Marketing communications strategy
  • Communication design
Digital Experience Branding
  • Website brand and content strategy
  • Website development
  • Social media strategy
Experiential Strategy
  • Exhibits
  • Environmental graphics
  • Signage wayfinding
  • Retail
  • Point of sale
Brand Rollout
  • Brand launch strategy
  • Rollout events
  • Advertising + PR integration management
Brand Management
  • Organizational brand management structure
  • Brand alignment marketing oversights
  • Change adaptation
  • Practices and protocols guidelines
  • Brand governance support