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A Full-service Branding & Design Consultancy


Brands are dynamic, ever-changing and alive. Branding should be an organizational lifestyle, so we take a holistic approach to ensure that everything within the brand experience fits, whether internal or external. Employee training, marketing communication, advertising, PR, products, retail environments, and other services — all of it must work in unison.



  • Research
  • Experience Mapping
  • Analysis & Insights


  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Sensory Positioning
  • Brand Attributes


  • Naming & Taglines
  • Brand Story
  • Messaging Strategy


  • Logos & Brand Design Systems
  • Brand Application Design
  • Standards Development


  • Website Design & Development
  • Communications Strategy
  • Brand & Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing & Design Support


  • Brand Training Workshops
  • Standards Training
  • Employee Benchmarking


  • Brand Governance Strategy
  • Standards Alignment
  • Benchmarking Plans


Discover opportunities to optimize your brand’s performance

BrandFit delivers a comprehensive assessment of your brand’s health to understand brand opportunities and challenges. This knowledge helps eliminate assumptions to create an informed plan for achieving your specific goals. It’s your first step toward establishing a sustainable and unique competitive position.

We assess your brand from several perspectives, such as:

  • What’s your business model, offers, pricing, and strategy?
  • What are your growth goals and expectations?
  • What kind of internal attitudes, behavior, and environment are you dealing with?
  • Who is your audience, segments, and profiles?
  • What are the current trends and predictions in your industry and market?
  • How is your brand defined, expressed, understood, and perceived?

Your BrandFit Scorecard results are incorporated into a comprehensive report that summarizes all findings along with recommendations on remedies to overcome challenges and threats, and next steps to fully take advantage of identified opportunities.

BrandFit Services:

Market Research
Qualitative/Quantitative Research
Experience Mapping
Strategic and Business Plan Analysis
Internal Employee Surveys
One-on-one Interviews
Audience Segmentation Profiling
Brand Practices Audit
Category and Competitor Audit
Industry Trend Assessment



Engineer your brand’s unique strategic foundation

We build brands from the inside out, and we start with a blueprint of who you are and aspire to be. Building a new brand strategy or updating an existing one is more than just writing a vision and mission. We work in a collaborative manner to guide you through the process of defining what your brand stands for, and what makes you different, where you’re going, and how your portfolio all works to support your brand goals.

We build your brand strategy by understanding and defining

  • What vision are you working toward and how do you plan to get there?
  • What are the values that guide business decisions and company culture?
  • How are you positioned against the competitive landscape?
  • What is your brand promise and commitment you make to customers?
  • What is the true value proposition and unique point of difference?
  • What is your brand character (personality, voice and experience attributes)?
  • How does the brand drive the perceptions you aspire to own in your category?
  • What brand architecture structure will interconnect all brands in your family of products, services, and subsidies?
  • What are the visual and verbal signals that reinforce who you are?

The BrandForm Roadmap provides a comprehensive overview of the brand strategy platform complete with rationale and principles for how the strategy can be applied in practice.

BrandForm Services:

Portfolio Strategy
Brand Architecture
Vision, Mission, Values, and Culture
Brand Positioning
Value Proposition
Brand Attributes
Sensory Positioning
Brand Principles Interpretation
Strategy Advisement
Adaptation to Changing Landscape


Convey your brand story with clarity and heart

When a brand speaks consistently, it establishes trust with its audience and avoids sending mixed signals that confuse and distract. Your verbal brand begins with your name first and foremost, but it also extends to taglines and messaging. We express your verbal brand through a distinct brand voice, tone, and specific language that becomes synonymous with who you are across all channels and all points of contact.

We formulate a strategic verbal brand by shaping various elements of communication:

  • How does your company or product name reflect your brand strategy?
  • Do you have a memorable, distinctive and long-lasting tagline?
  • Is there language or nomenclature uniquely associated with your brand?
  • How does your brand story connect with your customers?
  • Do you have a messaging strategy that is a consistent reinforcement of your brand?
  • In what ways can you speak to customers that share your brand personality?

A BrandSpeak Platform provides a comprehensive strategy for names and name modifiers, taglines, nomenclature, messaging and any other form of ownable verbal expression.

BrandSpeak Services:

Brand & Product Naming
Brand Nomenclature
Brand Story
Brand Messaging
Verbal Linkage



Design what your brand looks like in all its forms

We help create brands that your customers recognize and remember. Visual branding is more than just designing a logo. We create a complete design system that identifies your brand across all channels. Your visual brand expression sets you apart from your competition and creates an emotional connection to your audience.

Our design process is linked with our strategy development and takes into account:

  • How does your company or product identity reflect your brand strategy?
  • Do you have an identity that is memorable, distinctive, and long lasting?
  • What equity needs to be maintained from your previous brand identity?
  • How do you establish relevance in your market without relying on short-term trends?
  • What graphic elements are uniquely associated with your brand beyond the logo?
  • How much flexibility is needed in the design system to accommodate marketing and communication channels?
  • What kind of design standards will ensure consistent application without becoming repetitive or dated?

A BrandLook Identity System & Standards provide a comprehensive identity design system along with rationale and principles to guide the application of logo, colors, fonts, and all other elements of the visual expression.

Comprehensive BrandLook Services:

Logo design
Design System Development
Visual Linkage Strategy
Identity System Principles of Application
Brand Standards Development


Share your brand with the world

BrandComm creates the communication vehicles to uplift the brand’s reputation and grow awareness and loyalty. We help ensure all internal and external communication connects with your audience and consistently reinforces the brand. We work with your creative team, or partners, to generate a wide variety of corporate and marketing communications materials.

We balance your marketing priorities with your brand strategy by understanding:

  • How can we best deliver a brand experience that reinforces who we are?
  • How do you most-effectively reach your sales and marketing goals?
  • How will the brand be best received by the target audience?
  • What channels should the brand embrace and own?
  • What value-based content should the brand be sharing?
  • How do you maintain marketing creativity without breaking brand standards?

BrandComm program and materials are designed to leverage and build brand equity through your marketing communications — from brand launch and websites to long-term campaigns.

BrandComm Services:

Website Design and Development
Social Media Strategy
Brand Photography & Videos
Marketing & Design Materials
Packaging Design
Exhibit Design
Environmental Graphics
Signage and Wayfinding



Educate the most important advocates of your brand — your employees.

Brands perform best when they inspire their leadership and employees. Our goal is to help equip your employees to be brand advocates who reinforce and maintain what’s special about your brand. We create learning programs that can shift and enrich your culture, and empower your employees to build lasting trust and loyalty with your customers.

Our BrandU programs are custom designed for your company to instill your values and address questions that employees often ask about brand:

  • What does our brand mean and how is it different?
  • Why does “brand” matter and what value does it have in achieving business goals?
  • Why should I embrace our brand and what it stands for?
  • What does it mean for my role in bringing the brand to life and how does it amplify my job?
  • What is my responsibility and how I am accountable for achieving brand results?

Your BrandU is delivered by our team through workshops, booklets, and videos with hands-on learning approaches that inspire and motivate your employees to be your best advocates.

BrandU Services:

Custom Program Curriculum
Brand Training Workshops
Brand Roll-in (Internal Reveal)
Training or Roll-in Emcee
Partner Training
Training Booklet Design
Benchmarking Plans


Maintain one of your most important assets — your brand.

Our goal is to help advance and protect your brand to ensure its value, meaning, and relevance. We work with your team to create a strategy and support structure to manage a consistent brand experience across all touch points.

We provide short- or long-term assistance to address a diverse range of brand management issues:

  • What kind of structure is needed to effectively manage our brand?
  • What processes need to be in place to ensure standards interpretation?
  • How are decisions made in adding new brands to the portfolio?
  • How do I keep the brand current without changing the foundational strategy?
  • What are the metrics for measuring success?

A comprehensive BrandGuide plan will provide a realistic approach to the resources, tools, and processes that will help manage your brand assets to ensure long-term brand value growth.

BrandGuide Services:

Brand Governance Strategy
Brand Management
Standards Alignment
Benchmarking Plans