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We believe in hard work and the right people.

We bring together deep thinkers and go-getters — forever realists and eternal optimists — strategy lovers and wonder makers. Together, we help shape brands that step out and stand above.

We work hard — for the right results. We challenge ideas and each other, even when it’s uncomfortable, because that’s how exceptional work is created.

We believe deeply in collaboration — but without the right people, it won’t go very far. We seek selfless individuals who are quick to share ideas and won’t be limited by a problem.

Connection and empathy are significant qualities in bridging any relational gap.

Our imagination can be a prison for good ideas, if we’re too timid to act on them.

Design makes you look at the world as a realm of constant creation and inspiration.

The urge to break new ground is in our DNA. If that drive wasn’t there, we’d still be living in caves.

The little bandit with a big idea.

This is Brandit, brand-it. He’s edgy and unpredictable. He’s got opinions and makes them known. His size? What size. Influence isn’t measured in height, or in plastic.

The hashtag #OldWestNewCity is his way of “tipping the hat” to Colorado Springs brands that are shaping the city’s identity for the better.

Think of it like a smoke signal for bold brands. There’s plenty of new ground to break in this Western town — and Brandit will be there for every inch of it.