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A Case For Why Industries Are Brands Too.

There is no simple definition of a brand. It is one of the challenges that we have with our own branding industry. It’s actually easier to define what a brand is not. It is not a name, logo, advertising campaign, or even a product or company. Although these are some of the tangible manifestations of a brand. Most authorities on the subject agree that brands are more accurately defined by the intangibles — by how customers and the public perceive, remember and feel about a product or company by virtue of the experience they have with that product or company.

To give true justice to what a brand is requires more substance to the foundation of what it seeks to be. Brands are more than simply perceptions.

We define a brand as the sum total of:

Reputation — what the brand has been and is known for

Purpose– why the it exists and what it seeks to ultimately achieve

Benefit —the value that the brand provides

Promise — what it is committed to deliver on

Distinction — what makes it different

Perceptions — the character attributes most commonly associated with the brand.

These all work together to define what the brand is to both internal and external audiences.

With the above in mind, it is easy to see how companies, organizations and products could be defined as brands. What about something that is less tangible as an entity — an industry. All industries have a reputation, have an industry purpose, can identify a benefit it provides, a promise that it makes to its industry customers, have a point of distinction against other industries, and creates perceptions (positive and negative) associated with it. Financial, healthcare, automotive, consumer products, and others can all be seen as brands through this definition. They may not have the more tangible manifestations of a typical brand, like a logo or brand name, but they exist as brands in the minds of the public nonetheless — and therefore a brand.

Industries have a BrandLife™ Too!