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Do Core Values Really Matter?

Creating value through Brand Values

Core Values do not matter if they are simply seen as a veiled attempt by management to inspire and motivate employees with meaningless and contrived rhetoric. Core Values matter when they have been created with thought and consideration about how they affect behavior that reinforces what the company stands for and how its brand is lived out.

Core Values do matter when it comes to building strong employee engagement and it is employee engagement that has proven to have tangible value. In a Gallup Study¹ measuring the connection between employee engagement and performance, it found that:

high engagement translated to: 22 percent higher profitability, 21 percent higher productivity and 10 percent higher customer satisfaction. Values do contribute to the bottom line.

Core Values do more than just support business growth. They also contribute to individual growth. Values that are personally relevant and have self-fulfillment benefits feed the individual as well as the corporate culture.

The organization can prosper only if its culture is designed from the ground up to enable ongoing development for all of its people. That is, a company can’t meet ever-greater business aspirations unless its people are constantly growing through doing their work.”²

Core Values matter most when they genuinely mean something for the company, the employees, and to those they serve.

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