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A Vision of the Future

Your Vision should be aspirational and honest

A good Vision statement requires a combination of dreaming big and being honest

Your brand Vision Statement needs to capture the aspiration to be the best you can, while being honest about what you can practically accomplish. Crafting a good Vision statement should consider:

  1. What you or your customer’s ideal future state could be
  2. Your higher purpose and the impact you can make beyond the organization itself
  3. What is most relevant to the business your are in
  4. Principles meaningful to those within your organization
  5. Values important to those whom the organization serves
  6. Ideas that inspires or motivates action
  7. What is believable and understandable
  8. Brevity and clarity
  9. What is distinctive to the organization
  10. A Vision that will present challenges to fulfill

Of course, not every Vision statement can do everything, nor should it. It needs to be tailored to be the best fit for how your organization sees itself. In writing a Vision, don’t confuse wishful thinking with dreaming about the potential. Lego has a simple yet highly achievable vision. Their mission pairs well with it to prove out how they accomplish their vision.

Our Vision is TO invent the future of play BY (Mission) Inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow

Remember — Dream Big, But Be Honest